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Cyber Security

loopcore offers full range of cyber security services. We have expertise with implementing the Risk Management Framework (NIST 800-37 rev 2) from beginning to end to ensure consistently within compliance and safe from all potential threats. We have proficiency with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) which dictates that Federal Agencies must follow a minimum baseline of requirements and controls as documented by various NIST guidelines for security. 
FedRAMP Compliance 
We will advise on system architecture and documentation of the environment and security control implementations. We can also produce a System Security Plan (SSP), Policies and Procedures, and other necessary system documentation. 


Robotic Proccess Automation

loopcore offers Robotic Process Automation to government agencies. RPA is used to optimize and streamline repetitive procedures and manual bottleneck processes which enable companies to save time and money. loopcore evaluates the company’s needs, chooses the appropriate tool and methods of procedure, creates and verify workflows, and provide ongoing maintenance to enhance overall productivity and organizational efficiency. Each RPA program is uniquely designed to tailor each agency’s specific needs. 
Additionally, loopcore understands the critical importance of security and compliance in the government sector. We implement RPA solutions that adhere to the strictest data security and compliance standards.


Data Analytics

Explore your government agencies’ Data and Analytics with loopcore. loopcore assists agencies with the organization of their data and distillation of analytical findings that can be translated into actionable insights. To organize, safeguard and maintain the upkeep of data assets, loopcore implements programs and procedures to ensure the accuracy and accessibility of data. After loopcore manages the data, we assist in defining, classifying, implementing quality standards and additional maintenance procedures to sustain the reliability and consistency of information being produced. loopcore evaluates the data and customizes an analytical framework for each agency to identify and visualize their insights. We leverage visualization tools to convert data into easily understandable insights including key opportunities for stakeholders, way to improve effectiveness, and organizational solutions.



loopcore excels in defining, guiding, designing and implementing transformational cloud solutions. Our focus is to enable businesses to define and prioritize key business requirements that will drive true positive transformation throughout the enterprise leveraging a combination of industry best practices with insight into tomorrow’s leading edge tools and technologies. Our experts help define and guide your journey to success through a proven adaptive methodology for envision, design, implementation and ongoing optimization. 


Advisory Consulting

loopcore offers a full range of PMO capabilities. From project management, contract oversight, budgeting and reporting. We have the ability to quickly set up and staff a PMO or deliver support services to existing PMO operations. We perform the critical role of managing our clients’ projects while complying with their service level agreements (SLAs). 



DevSecOps means thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. loopcore can assist with all your development and infrastructure operation needs that  ensures security is first in mind without slowing down your DevOps workflow. 

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